Our neighborhood nursery, Burkard’s, is having a summer sale so we purchased some fruit trees and stuff: ‘gala’ espalier apple, pepino dulce, red tea hibiscus, ‘grand nain’ banana, red strawberry guava and semi-dwarf apricots. They didn’t have any ‘ice cream’ bananas so we ordered one and hopefully it’ll come in soon.

The grapes are full of fruit clusters. They are a bit small, not like the huge ones in grocery stores, but they are tasty! We are starting to harvest peaches and plums–though they are not as big and as much as previous years due to the dry rainy season we had.

The cucumbers are growing and producing exceptionally well due to our “secret” growing experiment. *Hint* trellising. 

Miss Clementine looking aristocratic

Chickens are the “in” pet now {Chickens Becoming Popular Urban Pets} The girls {excuse me, I can’t forget about the rooster} are really fun to watch, they each have their own personality and way of talking. They are quite easy to take care of–all you really have to do is make sure the have clean water and enough food and clean up the coup once and awhile, but otherwise they just spend their days scratching, digging and taking dirt baths.

Weather Report: Warm and sunny. Mornings and evenings are cool enough to require a flannel.

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