«Vivian Leigh & Laurence Olivier»

Today, a few members of the family helped a dear friend clean and organize her knitting books and yarn (50 years worth of collecting!). For our work, we bartered for her old sewing machine.

Now, some of us girls hope that we might get some sewing done. We had an old Singer machine that was given to us, but it never worked (something was wrong with the bobbin *darn*). No, we won’t chuck the antique, old black Singer… it’s quite old and maybe will get around to fixing it one day.Talking about knitting… the lady that we helped today hosts a free class every Thursday at our local library (San Rafael Branch). So, if there are any knitters (or crochetters–is that how you spell it????) out there in the area, ya’ll stop on by for a stich’in good time!

The tomato yields are starting to wind down… (though there are some that never even started to wind up. *sigh*) The ‘mater plants are not giving us as much as the previous weeks.   The restaurants and caterers love the varieties of tomatoes–we tried to grow every color of the rainbow. We are hoping for a good second flush in late summer.

We ate our first corn of the season yesterday, though it wasn’t very big–but it sure was tasty and sweet. With fresh corn like that you really don’t need any “fixings.”

Weather Report: The humidity is gone–at last!!! We can once again enjoy typical Calif weather. No, wait–don’t celebrate just yet… The weather man said temp will be in the triple digits next week and “possible” humidity also… Oh, no not again! I can feel the sweat already… drip, drip, drip…

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