Purchased some tropical fruit from the folks at Long Beach Organics and local nurseries {Burkard’s & Armstrong’s}.   We are hoping to get more edible fruits incorporated in the yard. There is still (can you believe?) a lot of “dead space” and it will be challenging to fill every square inch of the yard.

The warm weather had helped improve the flavor of the heirloom tomatoes. We were a bit panicky when we tasted some bitter tomatoes. « read previous entry » Right now we are harvesting approximately 60+ lbs a week of tomatoes.

The heirloom, lemon cukes {pic} are starting to kick in. They’re a favorite among our customers–well, can’t forget about the heirloom tomatoes. They all say they are the best cukes they’ve ever had… and we agree!

We are still battling spider mites, but on the bright side… this year it looks like we’ve succeeding in controlling the aphid population. Woo Hoo!   Last winter we planted a huge bed with mustard, allowing the ladybugs to over winter and set up their maternity ward. Well, they must have done their job because we notice that there are less of those pesky, lil’ buggers.

With the bountiful summer harvest, we’re not having to buy as much staples { monthly shopping bill for June was aprox. $290, which divides down to ~ $72 a week} items such as flour, rice and beans from Wild Oats or Trader Joes. We are eating a lot of veggie dishes and salads…  it’s too hot to cook anyhow.

Chow time!

We named the bantam chickens… and their names are… drum roll please…

Lizzie – character from the Dickens novel ‘Our Mutual Friend’

Clara Peggoty (Known as ‘Peggoty’) – character from the Dickens’ novel ‘David Copperfield’

Betsy Trotwood – character from the Dickens’ novel ‘ David Copperfield’

(By now you can correctly guess that we are big Dickens fans)

Scarlett O’Hara(Known as ‘Scarlett’) – character from Margaret Mitchell’s novel ‘Gone With the Wind’ — frankly my dear she doesn’t give a ‘cluck.’

Sir Felix Carbury (Known as ‘Felix’) – character from the Anthony Trollope novel ‘ The Way We Live Now.’   The fact that we call him a ‘wuss-ter’ {Rooster} is pretty much self-explanatory.

Miss Clementine – well, she’s just that. We consider her the southern belle of the flock.

Weather Report: Temps are in the 90’s with cool mornings. Had a couple of humid days, but otherwise we’re officially in the “dog days of summer.”

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