*Sigh*, The heirloom tomatoes are not producing as they had in previous years. Because of the continual fluctuation of temperature (cool one day, scorcher the next) the tomatoes have stayed green on the vine for a considerably long time. When we do harvest the ripe ones, the flavor isn’t as good… sort of bland tasting. Missing the intense, unique flavor of the heirloom tomatoes.

Being a bit frustrated, we posted on the ‘Growing Tomatoes‘ forum. Seems like we are not alone! <read post>

Even the plums are splitting on the tree. Never had seen this happen before. It just seems like the season is a bit off.

This is now officially the driest year in Southern California–ever! Well, since they’ve been keeping records — 1870. See story: S. Calif Devastated by Low Rainfall. There was so very little rain that the world famous poppies fields near Lancaster never bloomed.

We did have an unexpected “rain” on the first day of summer. It was really very  nice, but didn’t help much.

This month has been a challenge to keep an ongoing supply of salad mix for the customers. We’ve already had to scale back the number of pounds we sell them. On a good week we sell on average of 10 pounds of salad mix.

The thin French beans (straight and narrow) are producing well. Though the dry weather has brought on a nemesis… mites. We’ve never had them this early, they usually arrive late in the season–sometime around September.

We are also harvesting cukes, zukes, strawberries and some heirloom tomatoes (we are picking about 5-10 pounds a day–not very good percentage with over 200 plants). We are hoping that the second flush of tomatoes will be a bit better.

The chickens are doing well. We are now down to the six we wanted to keep. We sold the rest to a lady who loves chickens. We have five females and one male.  The rooster now is testing out his “cock-a-doodle-do.” in the morning. We give him a little shot of water, to try and teach him not to crow… will see how that works!

In addition to all the garden work we’ve been doing, these past couple weeks have been spent re-building and improving the website. We hope to have the new and expanded website up soon… if everything continues to go well. We are excited about the new site, it will be easier for us to upkeep and will contain an expanded links directory, and much more.

By the time we get around to entering a new diary entry the new site should be re-launched… So keep checking back!

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