Heirloom tomatoes on vine. The garden is growing, but not like previous years. We are having trouble with the peppers–they seem to be taking their own sweet time to grow. With the hot temps we’vebeen having, the peas quit producing earlier than lastyear.
Right now there is a lull in our veggie harvest and we’re only getting greens. As a result, we have to make adjustments in our monthly shopping list as we are having to buy more dried beans and pasta. Soon the squash and beans should start kicking in and producing so we can have something besides dried bean soup!!!

The tomatoes look great! (Trying not to count our chickens before they hatch) Most are over 4 feet tall and settingblossoms and fruit… already dreaming of yummy tomatosandwiches. Oh yeah and not forgetting fresh salsa,tomato salad, and even fried green tomatoes… mmmmmm!

The peppers, on the other hand, are growing really slow for some reason. They aren’t growing as fast as they did last year. We had wonderful plants and a great harvest last year and hoping for the same this year.

A freak storm blew in the other day giving much needed precipitation and brining a nippy chill to the air. Seems like the plants had a growth spurt due to the rain. Though we didn’t get more than 1/4″ inch of rain, it sure helped to freshen things up. Unfortunatelywe are still way below normal precipitation and, fromthe looks of it, it’ll be a long, hot and dangerous summer.

Much of our time now is spent in the garden, so perhaps all the new projects we have in mind will have to wait until summer.

This year we plan to try and control any disease that could spread throughout the garden like blight and mildew. So,we have been trying to spray constantly and fertilize with natural solutions such as nettle, comfrey, quano,worm castings, chamomile, etc.

The Rhode Island Bantam chicks are continuing to grow and get into mischief. We only want to keep six or so, and soon it will be time to give the other 8 away. The hatchery that we purchased them from throws in a”free exotic” chick with each purchase. Well, it looks like ours is a Black Cochin. She is really ascream to watch!

Finally received the purple and black passion fruit plants from the nursery! Now, we are awaiting the banana plantswhich should come in soon. 

Harvested a few raspberries and blueberries, though, not much to speak of. The strawberries also seem to be slow thisyear. Other gardeners in the area are also complainingof the same thing… everything is soooo slooooow.*sigh*

Getting ready to plant a bed with the Native American Three Sister’s Method. The bed did well last year and we aregoing to repeat it again this year.

Had some visitors come and to check out our garden this month. Hopefully more will come and see what we are accomplishing on our small city lot. Showing that theanti-globalization, anti-capitalization, simplicity, andenvironmental movements start right in your own home andyard.

See you along the path…

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