Like to take cuttings and want to find a replacement for those unnatural rooting hormones? Make your own natural rooting hormone using willow branches. We tried out this technique last year and it worked quite well. We harvested the willows from the Arroyo Seco stream near our home. With one of the cutting we planted it in the yard, we now have a constant supply right outside our door. Grow natural!


Take willow branches, any variety will do. Cut them up in 2-3 inch pieces. Putthem in a big pot of water (and they suggest to not use the pot for anything else,) and keep on low heat for several hours, then let steep overnight. Thendrain, toss those branches, and save the liquid. Repeat the process with a new batch of branches cut up. Let steep 12 hours/overnight. THEN it should be avery dark brown. Strain and keep in labeled bottle in fridge. To use, let the hardwood cutting sit in this fluid overnight before potting up. Read more ยป

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