Already combing through the seed catalogs, we are trying to decide which new varieties tochoose and which old favorites to purchase again of those that did well lastyear.   We have to anticipate what the local caterers andrestaurants would purchase and plant accordingly. So much to choose from…

We have already purchased heirloom tomato seeds – over 30 varieties. You can never have enough tomatoes! We are also going over our records to determine what varieties did well and those that didn’t last season. So, we’ll be cutting out some varieties and planning to plant more of others.

This month we have been busy designing and building wood solar ovens from scratch. We built two:  one large one in which we also built a cartusing old plywood and bicycle wheels to put on and another smaller version. The large oven already reaches over 100 degrees evenwithout the cover on! We’ll keep the large one on the cart so thatit’ll be easier to move in order to orient it to the sun throughout theday. Next month we plan to put up pictures of our new solar ovens in the photo gallery.

In addition to solar ovens, we are building a chicken coup. Yes, this year we are planning to purchase some chickens from the localfeed store in March. Hopefully this venture will be successful –harvesting our own fresh eggs! Inthe garden we had to yank some old rosemary bushes that we over 8 yearsold–too old and woody. We replaced them with cuttings we hadstarted a couple months back. We are having to re-arrange the yard a bit, trying tomake more room for berries and fruit. Also, it was time to prune all the fruit trees for spring. In addition to those projects, we are also doing some home repairs before spring and summer come around.

The weather has been unusually warm these past weeks. The high theother day was 87°! We hope the heat doesn’t last too long or theplants will think it’s spring and start sending out new growth only tobe killed by frosts we get in late February or early March. So much to do and not enough hours in the day!

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  1. Nhi says:

    Hi. I recently moved to pasadena and have my own backyard for the first time. I an looking forward to make it into a farm like yours. I want to have a chicken coop in my yard but I thought city ordinance doesn’t allow it. Did you ask permission from city for yours?

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