Having cold weather lately with a few nighttime temps in the low 30’s.

Just last night we got over 1 inch of rain. There have been a couple of storms that have passed through this month, bringing quite a lot of precipitation.

We have been harvesting a variety of lettuces, chayote, our last bunch of sweet potatoes, and peas. Also pulled up our jicama vine and ate the sweet and tasty tubers–we will need to plant more of them! With the cool weather we have been having, the crops are slow growing, but cool temps have brought rain that has been a blessing.

The onions and garlic that were planted in the fall are doing well. Some beds of broccoli are doing well while others are slow. We recently planted potatoes in bins with straw. We hope that by planting them now they will grow better than when we planted them in the springtime.

We’re combing the many seed catalogs that are now coming in the mail… already dreaming of spring — which crops to grow, where to plant them, will we have enough room…. our eyes are bigger than our lot!

We’re also planning to plant more fruit trees and vines and are doing a lot of reading and research to decide on which variety and where it will go. We’re looking to plant more grapes, berries, passion fruit, dwarf apples and possibly some tropical fruits. Even though we have pretty much maxed out our place, there are still some “trouble” / odd spots in the yard. It’s going to be a challenge, but, if rewarded with fresh fruit, it’ll be worth every bit.

Until next year, wishing everyone a safe holiday season!

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