The days are shorter, the air a bit cooler and trees are starting to lose their leaves–signs that its time to bring out the flannels andsweaters and start thinking what to plant for the winter days ahead.

This year we planted sweet potatoes and yams and were pleasantly surprised with the harvest. You can’t beat them with a dab of butter, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey.

Harvested some pecans from our neighbor’s tree — enough for two pies. The birds and squirrels had harvested more than we did.

We’re digging up the Jerusalem Artichokes a little at a time to make room for winter crops. We tried substituting grated chokes for zucchini in a “meatless” patty recipe that we made over the summer — tastes great!  

Eating in season is challenging but worth it! It is exciting (and tasty) when you harvest your first tomato, corn, pumpkin or peas. You have something to look forward to each season. As you eat with the seasons, you feel a bit more connected with nature and her changing cycles. It  gives you more appreciation for and a satisfaction with your meals than you would have felt just going to the supermarket and buying produce off the shelf.

We put together a new chart comparing what we have grown compared to what an average person eats —click here.   Our harvest so far of fruits and veggies total over 2,000 lbs.

In this time of thanksgiving – we are thankful for God’s bountiful blessings he has provided us and are looking forward to SPRING!

Happy Gardening.


  1. EyvRisNYPgkm says:

    This might not be the best spot, but it’s related to the urban hoaemtesd. I have a small row home type property and we’ve tried our hand a growing a few things in 5g buckets the last couple years. It’s labor intensive moving and storing all the bucket. I have very little dirt available and my dog thinks he’s part cow. He eats everything. I love the food forest idea and your advise to grow rare things. I want to put chard in my only dirt area and talk to my neighbor about planting vines on our common chainlink fence. We are on good terms so it should be fine. The fence gets plenty of sun. I like the sound of nuts and kiwi’s. We also have some room along out house, but it’s on the North side. I think the rabbits will go there and maybe some reishi logs. Any suggestions for the shade or fence. I just found your show a few weeks ago and I’m hooked. We share many views and even use some of the same phrases about money, debt etc. I’m that guy with the small cheap house and old but paid for car. If I was the Mcmansion corvette driving guy we would have lost everything when I suffered a back injury 2 years ago. Thank God for being frugal. Keep up the good work. ThanksCurrent score: 0

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