That cool, crisp feeling of fall is in the air. The long warm days of summer are coming to a close.

Time to look forward to the fall and winter plantings. The summer crops are slowly winding down. 

We have had a cooler than normal summer so the tomatoes, winter squash, melons, etc didn’t produce as would have been expected. We are disappointed that we didn’t harvest much pumpkins nor winter squash.

Shopping at the store is now only once every month.  To plan for shopping only once a month was a challenge. After we got shopping every two weeks under our belt, then we went for three and now are at four. It is a good experiment in seeing how much we can break away from the system.

The broccoli, lettuces, peas, etc are coming up. We are hoping that we will have a good fall harvest.  

Though we have been blessed and are fortunate that our family didn’t lose anyone to the 9-11-01 tragedy, our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their loved ones. We are in mourning over the lost of our “brothers and sisters.”

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