Summer is at its peak though it has been surprisingly cool.  The last of the corn, beans, peppers and tomatoes have been planted for a late summer harvest.
The summer harvest has been bountiful (See Facts & Stats).   Right now,  there are a lot of peaches to pick and bake with. The peppers have been producing wonderfully this year, which is a pleasant surprise!    The tomatoes have slowed down a bit, but it looks like there will be a good second crop. The berries have also slowed, but we are harvesting quite a few and they are used to make a delicious mixed berry pie. We have been blessed with extra, including beans, basil, cucumbers that we are able to sell to local restaurants and caterers in town. 

Shopping at the store is now only once every two weeks.   At the local health food store we are able to buy in bulk and that helps us save trips to the store and allows us time for other things.

Now we are starting our fall garden.   Already planted are lettuces, broccoli, peas and more. The winter squash and pumpkins are growing well; however, with the cool weather, there has been a problem with mildew. We will have to start spraying again with a baking-soda or milk mixture to control it.

There is always more to learn and each new season gives us another opportunity to grow.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Ok, I feel like a dummy, but how are you planting for winter already? I live near you guys, so I get almost the same weather. Won’t all the winter crops die in july and august? Do you keep them in the shade? Indoors? I tried to plant a winter garden last year, but I had no I idea what I was doing and everything bolted. Please let me know. I need to buy seeds from you guys! Thanks for all the info and encouragement!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Please delete that comment! My computer had a brain fart and this was listed as the newest post! I just noticed the date as 2001! I guess I really am a dummy!

    • Diana says:

      This website will never be out of date. Thank you to all the Derveas’ for providing hope daily. As the signs of the times grow more grim, I am thankful to see the manifestation of God’s goodness that your family displays. When the stress of this life causes our faith to wear thin, hope pulls us through.

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