Definitions of “Jungle Style” and “Max-out” growing methods

Q. I was browsing your site and found your “At a Glance” page. Under Growing Methods, would you please describe Dervaes Sr.’s Jungle Style and Dervaes Jr.’s Max-out Method?

A. Dervaes Sr’s method was all about fitting as many plants on one property. The plantings were so dense it looked like a jungle and was a real traffic stopper. Living in Tampa near the Bay, conditions were ripe to plant all sorts of beautiful tropicals underneath the towering and graceful oaks and thick layers of mulch. (Dervaes Sr loved mulch – so much so that he’d collect bags of oak leaves from the sides of the road.)

Taking Dervaes Sr’s “forest/jungle” method of growing, Dervaes Jr brought many of the patterns to edible landscaping. “Maxing” out and squeezing as much as he can in small spaces. “Fancy” more modern terms which readers would be familiar with would be: “forest garden” or “polyculture” or “permaculture.”

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  1. Mark says:

    Sounds like a version of Sq Ft Gardening, A book I can highly recomend, especially for urban gardeners who have limited space. I grow a lot of things in containers since I rent, and want to be able to pickit all up and move if ecconomy etc change.

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