Fertile eggs; length of time to hatch eggs

Q. Just wondering how you can tell that an egg is fertile? Does it look different from an unfertilized egg? I was also wondering how many eggs you can hatch in an incubator at one time and how long it takes them to hatch?

A. Regarding fertile eggs, you first need a male – duck or chicken (or purchase fertile eggs online). The next step to determine if an egg is fertile, incubate it for a few days and then candle it to see if cell division has begun. How to Candle Eggs »

There are many different sized incubators on the market – you can hatch 4 to 200 eggs depending on the size and amount of money you want to spend. The still air model that we have can hatch about two dozen eggs. Chickens take about 21 days to hatch and ducks about 28. How to Hatch Eggs»

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