Ollas in winter; seed sources

Q. Hello, a few “olla” questions. Can they be used in colder NE climates without having to dig them up in the fall? How close can you plant to them, or more to the point how far can you expect the water to migrate so that you can figure how many of them would be effective??

Also, you must buy seed in bulk.. where do you purchase it and do you believe in organic seed?? Thanks…

A. Good question. Not being familiar with colder climates I would think with the snow, ice it would be a good idea to remove them from the soil. As for planting please view the ‘Olla Planting Guide’ [pdf]

For the 1.5 gallon olla the water spread is approximately 18″

Yes, we do buy seeds in bulk and we do believe in purchasing organic and heirloom seeds. The spring ritual has started, seed catalogs are everywhere – on dining room tables, coffee tables being thumbed through and ogled over. Every spring we are tempted to try new varieties. Like it’s been for the past 15 years we still buy regular favorites since our limited space prohibits us from saving certain seeds — cucumbers, squashes or large quantities of salad greens.

Even though we had big plans for the online store sadly it looks like we won’t be able to distribute our favorite varieties of seeds due to the extremely high overhead cost. I know this news is going to make some of our readers very disappointed, but sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. Anyhow…

Instead here’s a list of our a few of our favorite seed companies

Johnny’s Selected Seeds(for growers such as ourselves offers bulk seed purchase)
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (longtime favorite)
Seed Savers Exchange (supporting and preserving those who SOS – save our seeds)

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