Preparing for self-sufficiency

Q. I would like to ask what kind of preparations I should be undertaking
for self-sufficiency. My home country is Finland, which I believe is
much better prepared for energy problems than many other countries
but it never hurts to prepare.

This is my basic situation.
Approximately 3-4 hectares of land. Some of it is forest while other
is farming land (currently rented).

Access to lake (while water has some farming residue from surrounding
areas, it is drinkable).

An access to a cabin which is livable year around but this might

So far nothing has been done to turn the land into a
‘self-sufficient’ zone, but I would like to know how to start.
Thank you.


A. The steps we have taken towards self-sufficiency have been documented at our daily journal: We hope to publish more in-depth articles on self-sufficiency in the coming months: Additional information can be found in the Resources section of our website:

Our encouragement to others (and ourselves) in taking steps to become more self-sufficient is to be “Doing what we can, where we are, with what we have – right now.”

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