I was so busy this summer and fall, that the end of the year just sneaked up on me!  It wasn’t until I got an email and Facebook message asking if we were going to do another calendar this year that I realized I needed to put together one — and fast! After three consecutive calendars and folks collecting  these calendars  because of the pretty picture, I figured I’d better not let them down.

It was a challenge to pick the best from thousands of photos but I think you will once again enjoy this colorful and, sometime,s humorous pictorial calendar.

I hope you won’t let me down. Please buy these  calendars to grace your walls and, hopefully, bring a smile to your face.

Pre Order 2013 Calendar

Once again, we’ve put together a pictorial calendar highlighting our favorite photos of the garden, animals, flowers, homegrown music, homemade decor and more!

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And BIG thank you for supporting our growing outreach!


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