Saturday morning was ccccold and marked the first light frost of the season.    One wouldn’t think but our tiny yard has a few microclimates of its own. Over time we learned where the cold pockets are and so on.  

The three day cold snap is over, and the rest of the week we’ll be enjoying sunny and warm days with highs into the 80’s and nights a comfortable 45 degrees.

The Sweep

Is aptly name for the growing ground alongside the northeast side of the house.   After all the construction work early in the year (roof, house) when we took out all the plants and have been waiting for the cooler weather and rains to transplant them all back. Finally the time has arrived thanks to the recent rains.    In go back the Anna apples, blueberries, elderberries, edible oxalis and well, I’m just not sure right now. Just have to wait and see what they plant.

Last Week’s Menu

With all the goings on no pics of this weeks meals. Besides, the meals were pretty simple – yet tasty.


B – homemade waffles (with homeraised eggs) homemade homegrown pomegranate syrup

D – homemade w.w. flour tortillas, homemade spanish rice (homegrown tomatoes, homegrown peppers, homegrown green onions) with organic black beans topped with homegrown tomatoes and homegrown cilantro, salsa and cheese


B – homemade granola

L – Sat dinner leftovers

D – out (attending a funeral)


B – homemade granola

L – baked homegrown trombocino squash, homegrown fried green tomatoes

D – leftover baked homegrown trombocino squash, homemade sprout bread sandwich with homegrown tomatoes, homegrown lettuces, raw cheese


B – homemade granola

L – homemade homegrown pumpkin blackk bean soup

D – same with homemade sprouted bread


B – homemade granola

L – homemade creamed homegrown green soup

D – leftover soups


B – homemade granola

L – pizza topped with homegrown tomatoes

D – out (party)


B – homemade granola

L – homegrown salad with organic mac & cheese with homegrown tomatoes, broccoli and snow peas

D – homemade rosemary bread, w.w. organic pasta with homemade tomato sauce (homegrown tomatoes, homegrown peppers, homegrown green onions and homegrown herbs) with homegrown salad


B – homemade waffles (with homeraised eggs) homemade homegrown pomegranate syrup

D – potluck gathering

Winter social


Last week was certainly busy. Jordanne & I spent a few days working at the tea shop serving tea and helping run the shop also. The owners need help since lots of folks were coming in for teas and buying all sorts of English goodies for the holidays (even spotted a British celeb).   

Besides the typical every day urban homestead life, we had a bit of unexpected snag up with a computer. One of our computers crashed and Jordanne has spent the last three days taking off all her files so she can then strangle flatten it.   This has been quite a huge setback and unfortunately no work has been done on the new website or anything for that matter thanks to this latest computer trouble.

We had our share of headaches but we’ve also had a lot of fun too.

This last week has also been one for entertaining guest, going to a couple of parties and hosting our own winter social and sing a long.

Saturday we threw a winter gathering here on the urban homestead and with over 30 friends attending – a full house! It was a magical night of food (the spread was fantastic!), fellowship and music.   The impromptu jam session was the best ever. We had four guitars, banjo, violin and mandolin player. The violinist brought down the house, after she finished her solo everyone erupted in whoops, cheers and applause.

Not only is it the season for spreading goodwill but the good ol winter colds.   Not wanting to break our record of no sick days Justin declared that “nobody was allowed to get sick this year” and made sure everyone took their dose of Swedish Bitters. Hopefully Justin’s declaration hasn’t jinxed our good health — so far!

The entertaining is not over yet. I figured since the house is so nice and clean (thanks to many hours of frenzied dusting and tidying) why not invite a few friends over for Friday dinner this week.. and the next and the next *grin*.   For New Years a friend of ours wants to crash over at our house to have a goodies and movie night. Sure, why not?

The 25th is just like any other typical day on urban homestead. It’s a day spent with family and working together.

Over the next few days, I’ll try and get caught up on the Q&A and other draft postings.

Our family wishes you all a blessed season and bountiful new year.