Weekly menus using homegrown food

Q. Hello! I am a huge fan of your site and project. I think it’s a really wonderful and inspiring thing you are all doing.

I was wondering if you have a list of all the plants that you grow for food. I think it would be great if you kept track of all your meals and snacks for a week and posted it on the site somewhere. I just can’t imagine coming up with enough meals based on the plants that I see you growing. I’m sure there are many more than I have any idea of so I was hoping you’d share. Thanks so much, and keep it up!

A. Thank you KR, for your email positive comments and question. Documenting what we grow and eat to share with our readers has always been in the back of our minds, something that we should really do more of especially since the recent Locavore and 100 mile diet craze. It’s always interesting to us when we come across a new green or eco-craze and think to ones self “sheesh, I’ve/we’ve been doing that for years/all my life”

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