New pullets – care tips

Q. We love our new chicks, any tips you could provide to make us better care givers would be appreciated. Thanks.
A. I’m sure they are going to be great. Enjoy them! They are a lot of fun and will only get more beautiful as they mature. They’re in the kind of gawky teenage stage.
They haven’t even learned to cluck yet. Pretty soon, you’ll begin to understand their wide range of language. Most people think chickens only cluck — not so! I’m fascinated by their language and can understand their different moods just by how they sound.

Watch them when you can and you’ll begin to see their different personalities in everything they do. Each chicken will even have its own unique way of scratching at the dirt. My Betsy likes to do a left-right-left kick, while Peggotty will do left-right-right. All the other ones have their own way too.

You’ll probably have to put them on their roost and nesting boxes for a couple of nights until they get the point and begin to go there by themselves as soon as the sun goes down.

The food I gave you was some millet seed, the organic mash, some ground oyster shell and some Diatomaceous Earth. Like I said, the diatomaceous earth is great to add to the feed. Sometimes I’ll sprinkle it in the nesting boxes or put a box of it in the coop for the
chickens to dust themselves with. I’ve never had a problem with lice or mites but the DE will prevent any problems before they happen.

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