Chickens and ducks together

Q. Hi. Thanks for writing me back. Thankfully, that experience ended as abruptly as it began. I thought maybe if I put a bitter tasting substance on the feather ends it would deter them from nibbling further, so I put lemon juice on her wing and I never saw blood again. I don’t know if the lemon juice did it or not but I’m glad the behavior stopped. My little fowl family of four chickens and two ducks are doing just great and I just bought them a little plastic swimming pool which they love. I did have one further question though, these 4 chickens and 2 duck have been with each other ever since I got them as babies. They are totally used to sleeping together and spending all their time together. But I am about to have a chicken coop built in my garage and I’m wondering about where the ducks will want to sleep at night. I have an outdoor run attached to the garage and I was thinking that I would have the ducks live outside in a little doghouse day and night and the chickens would go in the coop at night. But, is it okay if the ducks want to go into the coop with the chickens at night. I never heard of ducks cohabiting with chickens in a coop. Is this problematic in any way? Thanks so much for your help! Bob

A. I’m glad that your problem with the ducklings seemed to be resolved. Perhaps it was just a freak accident.

As for ducks cohabiting with chickens — mine are! They don’t experience any problems at all! The ducks go into their little home on the ground while the chickens go into
their roost. It works great!

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