Hatchery orders

Q.  Hi. i’m hoping to start raising bantam chickens in the spring. the minimum order from hatcheries seems to be about 25. Did you keep all 25 of your chicks? If not, what did you do with them?

A. Yes, most hatcheries will ship no less than 25 bantams because the chicks need heat and the only way to keep them warm in shipment is to put a bunch in there for body warmth. Otherwise the chicks will die.

Before I ordered from the hatchery, I did some asking around and finally contacted someone who said they’d love to split the order with me.

Because she had a farm, she also said she would purchase off of me the ones I didn’t want. It is impossible to determine the gender of young bantam chicks so there was a chance of my getting some roosters. She bought from me the ones that did turn out to be roosters and also the hens I could not keep as I could only keep five and had to choose the ones I wanted.

I would recommend that you either find a feed store in your area that has bantam chicks in the spring, or find someone willing to split the order with you. Some feed stores will even split the order with you as they can sell the rest.

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