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No mention of rain today, I promise! Yesterday we visited anearby city college to participate in their Earth Day festival. Jules gave power point presentation:

Bringing the Eco Revolution Home

“Path to Freedom is an “urban homestead” in Pasadena. The Dervaes family has opened their home and hearts to sharing a lifetime of experience in and impressive range of back-to-basics practices such as permaculture methods, bio-intensive farming and appropriate technologies including biodiesel and solar energy. Their example and training can help anyone with an open mind to successfully reduced their own “footprint” on the earth.”

Thanks to those folks and students at GCC for putting this event together.
They had an outdoor game called “15 Steps to a Better World” developed by GCC Exhibit Coordinator, Nalini Lasiewicz, and is based on the Action List compiled by Jim Stewart of Earth Day L.A./People for Parks.

and they are…

1. Become carbon neutral. {note: measure your carbon foot print visit thisonline calculator.   Average per person is about 18 tons a year, we took the quiz and we scored about 1 ton}
2. Drive smart. Or bike or walk  {check!}
3. Write leaders {we could do more of that besides signing petitions}
4. Sign up for green power {check!}
5. Save energy at home {check!}
6. Become a smart water consumer {working on this}
7. Buy energy efficient electronics & appliances {check! – or none at all}
8. Plant a tree. Protect a forest {we planted fruit trees, lessen our paper waste/use, buy recycled toilet paper and so forth}
9. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle {always working on improving this step}
10. Mount a global campaign against global warming
11. Buy less {check!}
12. Grow your own food {we try as much as possible, buy in bulk and eat seasonally}
13. Install solar panels {check!}
14. Get connected {this site and our local outreach, connecting with fellow travelers}
15. Educate your business, church and school {something to work on}

Cat nibbling on kiwi roots – yum!

Rising Star on the Urban Homestead

The cats (Ringo, Cassidy and Cat Stevens ) are thrilled that the rain has stopped and they are able to spend their time frolicking in the garden and playing with the other animals (chickens, ducks and rabbit)

Our friend over at JBB Musings posted this about her visit last Sunday and watching our crazy animals.

Today, we stood in the back yard and watched the two ducks and two chickens, who had just been let out of their enclosure, dig amongst the vegetation and take a dust/dirt bath in the newly prepared raised bed. In their midst was the orange kitten-cat, who thinks he just might be a fowl of some sort, wanting to join the fun. Except when he would get too close, one of the hens would chase him away.
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The orange tabby we rescued from being killed late last summer thinks he’s human. Can’t blame him because he doesn’t know any better being a bottle baby and only knowing us as “mommy.” We knew by watching him grow up and interact that he was a special kitty but a recent school field trip from a local school practically convinced us that he’s was like we thought – special.

Forget about the ducks, rabbit, chickens, mud (cob) oven, bicycle grain mill! The orange tabby we call Cat Stevens was the hit of the class tour of the homestead. Yes, a cat – a plain ol’ cat.  

Here are what a few letters the kids sent afterwards had to say (some of the kid’s had drawn pictures of the cat along with their letters)

Dear Jules,
The cat was awesome. Cat Stevens was very fun because he let us hold him and play with him. The flour bike was fun.   Thanks for the visit.
P.S. The bunny looked exactly like a character in  a book I read.
To Jules,
Thank you for showing us the animals. I especially like the cat, and the rabbit. It was mean how those people planned to hurt Cat Stevens
Thank you for the great visit. The chicken was very soft and I liked the cats. It was cool how you made gas.

New Project
The weather is still too unsettled to hatch any chicken eggs and it may end up being that we’ll have to wait a few more weeks. It’s probably better since we have so much going on.
Justin and his obsession with bikes hopes to create another pedal power gadget. Having already hooked up ourgrain mill the guys have now turned their effort into making a pedal powered blender.   We already have a hand cranked one that we’ve been using for years, but a pedal powered one would be great.   We have the bikes ( a cellar full) but we’ll need a stand and thespecial blender attachment.

Random Act of Kindness

Thank you, thank you! to whoever you are (and I have a hunch 🙂 ) who sent us those really lovely handmade envelopes made from colorful calendars. What a wonderful, useful and very sweet surprise. You made our day a little brighter.

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  1. claire says:

    good link for BP there, I made it 5 tonnes, not very good but according to them lower than the uk average, I think I fail as I have a car and use it a lot. the kitty looks lovely, and happy!!

  2. Nate says:

    Dead kiwi roots + small pot + cats = hilarity

  3. Maya says:

    Bravo for PTF for leading 15-reasons-to-save-our-green-planet footprints for everyone 🙂 Thank you for your generosity…

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