Biodiesel and toxic emissions

Q. I noticed a few things on your site that were a little confusing and I was hoping you could help me understand them.

In a couple places on the biodiesel page there is the mention of a percentage of reduction of harmful emissions using biodiesel as opposed to fossil fuels. The first time, it reads:

Boasting an overall 90% reduction in toxic emissions (compared to diesel), biodiesel is by far our best alternative fuel option at present.

The second time:
Biodiesel fuel burns up to 75% cleaner than conventional diesel fuel made from fossil fuels

The third time:
The ozone-forming potential of biodiesel emissions is nearly 50% less than conventional diesel fuel.

I just found those statistics a little confusing and was hoping you could help me understand them.

Thanks for your help, and hope to hear from you soon.

A. Thanks for pointing out the differences in the numbers, but all the numbers are from other websites. There are several different categories/areas that are measured so I think may be the reason for the differences.

Check out these websites for more info:

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