Buying diesel vehicles in California

Q. Hi, I really enjoy your web site. We found out about your web site from your friend Sascha Reese ( he taught my son Alex last year). I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. I want to buy a diesel car and run it on biodiesel. I was checking into buying a new or used car out of state , since I cannot buy a new diesel in California and a used California diesel were older years. I looked on the dmv web site and it seem like a new out of state diesel car I would not be able to register it?? A used out of state diesel car , there’s the issue of smog testing and user taxes and maybe a bunch of other things??? HELP Anything you can tell me from your experience would be helpful. Thanks, Marcia

A. Regarding buying a new diesel car:Right now, you can buy a new diesel truck in CA, but not a passenger vehicle. You can only bring into CA a diesel passenger car which has a certain amount of mileage, I think it was about 8,000 – 10,000. But I’ve heard from someone who had talked to a dealer that new diesel passenger vehicles will be available for sale in CA starting with the 2006 model year. Also, currently all diesel vehicles are smog exempt in CA.

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