Chicken coop plans

Q. Do you have specs for this coop? It’s so perfect that I’d love to copy it!!! I’m getting some chickens this weekend (of course I panic and “do” last minute) and the coop they’re giving me is lame and shabby. I want to give them a better home and THIS looks perfect…can you help me? suggestions? Is that piping? What kind of wire fencing is that? is that bark on the ground, etc., etc… Thank you!! (I love your site too by the way)

A. My dad built and designed the chicken coop but he doesn’t have the specs or plans available (I tell him that he should!)

I can answer a few of your questions – I’m assuming you are speaking of the ‘new’ redesigned coop and not the old one we had at the beginning.

The coop is made out of bamboo and lumber. The only wire fencing is the one on the chicken house and it’s a plastic chicken wire. We keep mulch on the ground of the chicken coop and sometime it’s straw, wood shavings, wood chips, etc.

I wish I could provide you with the design plans but like I said, they aren’t available. So maybe these links can help you find something similar: Here’s some links to coop designs and facts:

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