Rabbit hutch plans

Q. I saw your site as I was searching for bunny hutch information. We live in Los Angeles and would love a hutch similar to the one you made. Do you have the plans? Did you design and build it yourself? If so, do you offer the plans to others?

I would appreciate any help or information you could give. The one we initially made is not nearly so nice but we would not stand to think of our bunnies cramped in a small store-bought hutch.

Thanks, Sue

A. Thank you for the compliment about the hutch. My dad designed it and my brothers built it after I did a little shopping around and couldn’t find a hutch that looked comfortable enough for my rabbits. So dad decided to design and build one.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t drawn up or documented the plans for it. Others have asked that he create the plans for the hutch and I know he wants to but he hasn’t had the time.

In addition, he is always improving on it. It has been slightly revised and modified from the pictures on our website. Today it has a “room” mounted below the floor of the hutch which the bunnies love jumping down into and hiding if they want some quiet time in the dark. From this room, there is an exit into a small area from which a tunnel branches off and slopes down to ground level and into the spacious duck / chicken room. I had suggested this idea because I don’t like animals to live their entire lives in cages and this allows the bunnies to come and go as they wish. They love spending the mornings and evenings running around and digging in the soil. During the day, they usually come up the tunnel to sleep in their hutch. They really enjoy having the free room to roam and also be allowed to go into their hutch if they feel scared or just want to rest. At night, we close the little trap door of the hutch to keep them safe from any night predator.

I think my dad got some ideas from this link: http://www.abe.psu.edu/extension/ip/IP729-31.pdf

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  1. Bee says:

    I have a quick question. Do you keep your bunnies outside year round? Is the heat ever a problem?

    I live in Los Angeles and am thinking about building an outdoor hutch, have read that rabbits can’t be weather above 80 degrees.


    • Erin says:

      Yes, I keep them outside. In the winter they are in a rabbit barn i built, and in the summer we take them out, and put them in out backyard under a tree. To keep them cool we, give them frozen water bottles, water the top of their cages (put an old sheet on top first though), and rub their ears and nose with cool water (their ears and nose are their many cooling source).

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