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Q. …we’d like to do some solar cooking and are unsure of how/what to do. – Tia

A. Cooking with the sun is fun, easy and environmentally friendly. We made our first sun oven out of cardboard and aluminum foil over 12 years ago and have cooked with the sun free ray’s ever since. What I like about using the sun (especially in summer) is you don’t have to heat up the kitchen, keeping the temperature comfortable. Also, food never burns. That’s right! Here’s a great video clip and article from ‘The Early Morning Show’ on CBS who recently did a segment on solar cookers.

Cooking With The Sun
Solar Cookers Get Put To The Test By “America’s Test Kitchen”

(CBS) If you don’t want to heat up the stove or grill on a really hot day, there’s another source of energy to cook food with — and it’s directly overhead: the sun!

Solar cookers, devices that use the sun prepare food, are drawing increased attention because of the fuel they employ, and because they add a lot of flavor to meals.

The public broadcasting show “America’s Test Kitchen”
( gave solar cookers a try, and the program’s host, Chris Kimball, filled in Early Show viewers on the results Monday.

Kimball, the creator and editor in chief of Cook’s Illustrated magazine (, explained that solar cookers not only use nothing more than the sun’s rays to work, they don’t emit smoky fumes, and use only minimal amounts of water.

….For those tempted to purchase a solar cooker, we would recommend the SOS Sport Oven. It had the greatest capacity (it could hold a small baking sheet, while we had to use the pot lid to bake the cookies in the Sun Oven), and kept the most level temperature:

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