Ducklings and heat lamps

Q. We just brought home two ducks approx. one week old. The feed store where we bought them had them under a heat light. We purchased one for the ducklings bed however it seems too hot. Their bed is in our home for now so do they even need a heat light?


A. The ducklings may not need that particular heat light, but they do need a heat source as they are still pretty young. They will need a place for warmth and comfort for the first few weeks of their lives.

How have you determined that it seems too hot? Are the ducklings huddling away from the heat lamp? What makes you think it’s too hot? (I’m just curious on what you have observed)

Have you put a temp thermometer in the ducklings’ bed to see if it is approx 85 degrees?

I raised my ducklings under a simple desk lamp. A 100 or 150-watt bulb will provide enough heat for a few chicks or ducklings.

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