Rabbits and chickens together

Q. Can bunnies and chickens live together?

A. My bunnies, chickens, and ducks all share the same outdoor run area. I am by no means an expert, but as far as I know, there isn’t much of a problem with ducks and chickens living together.

The only problems I have found out are:

1.) You have to either raise the bunnies and chickens together as babies, or introduce them slowly. Chickens don’t like fast moving animals and they may sometimes take a peck at the bunny. However, this usually doesn’t even hurt the bunny. I just wouldn’t recommend putting a baby bunny in with full grown chickens. But putting baby chickens with a full grown bunny is fine. The best is to raise a young bunny and young chickens together.

2.) Bunnies like being clean so you’ll have to keep the coop pretty clean.

3.) I wouldn’t suggest having the bunnies sleep under the chicken roost. Chickens poop a lot while they sleep and the bunnies wouldn’t be happy. You could, however, build them a house underneath the roost. Bunnies like cozy, dark, private places. Wooden boxes with holes cut out are their favorite things. Although my rabbits have the run of the chicken coop, they have a hutch all to themselves. An enclosed tunnel made out of wood leads up to it from the chicken coop, allowing them to come and go as they choose. The hutch is their own private space where they can get away from the chickens if they want. Rabbits want a place they can go and be by themselves. So, even though you can let them live together, make sure the rabbits have a place they can escape to by themselves.

4.) Bunnies dig. I let mine dig for a couple days and then I’ll fill up the holes before they get too far. Just make sure you have sufficient fencing underneath the dirt to discourage any escapes.


  1. Tinnelle says:

    Hi that sounds great! How many of each do you have and in what size area? I am planning to use a polytunnel frame 3x6mtrs ($400) covered with shade cloth and netting to house 12 to 24(max) chooks some ducks (6?) and max of about 20 bunnies plan to have a small inground pond for ducks, wooden box hutches for bunnies and nesting boxes higher up with roost…cover the ground with chicken wire to stop the bunnies digging.

  2. Francesca says:

    After 2 months I am getting a baby rabbit and chicks ,my garden is small so I thought of keeping them together. I am just worried if they get hurt ,now I think I should keep them in the same home but build a wall in between them:)

  3. Aly says:

    We recently got 2 baby bunnies (about 1 month) and 2 baby ducks. We have 2 adult chickens that live in a chicken house. We are building a hutch for the bunnies and want to build one for the ducks. Do you know if ducks, bunnies, and chickens can peacefully co-exist? Or even just ducks and chickens? or ducks and bunnies?

  4. Linda says:

    Your chickens will drown in your duck pond.

  5. Grace says:

    The question is how would you build the rabbit hutch where only the rabbits can get in?

  6. Daisy says:

    Build a door large enough for you to open to clean out hutch regularly. In the door, really low down put a small opening just large enough for the bunnies to go in and out. The hens should be too big to through the opening, or put a small cat flap at ground level for the bunnies and train them to go in and out of it. I know hens are intelligent, but I don’t think they would be able to push through a cat flap.

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