Roosters and fighting

Q. HELP! Maybe you don’t answer chicken problem questions?? But maybe you can help me- don’t know where else. Have had 3 roosters, 2 hens for 4 years. No problems until yesterday when 2 roosters started fighting. Came home to 2 bloody, beat up roosters. What is going on all of a sudden, & what may I do, or expect??? ANY suggestions, would be appreciated. I admit a certain amount of ignorance regarding my little chickies!!! Collette

A. I do have to say that I’m surprised you had 3 roosters and 3 hens for 4 years without a problem before. Roosters are notorious fighters and very territorial over hens. When roosters outnumber hens it usually causes some very serious problems.

One rooster will eventually become the top of the pecking order and really beat up on the rest. In the meantime they will fight to gain that top position.

Just like with horse herds — the roosters (stallions for horses) will fight to be the leader and gain the most females. Most farms either have one rooster or pen the roosters separately. Sometimes if you have enough land and hens you can have several roosters live relatively peacefully with each other.

I know people who have roosters that can live together in peace but if you release a hen not a single one of them will remain alive.

Check out this link:;f=1;t=001496

I’m sorry I cannot give you much of an option or good news.

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