Chickens roosting, pooping in nesting boxes

Q. I need help with my chickens. My “girls” are laying their eggs on the floor of the coop and they roost/poop in the nest boxes.

I have an indoor roost built for them as well as “free range” them during the day. The majority of the girls use the roost, but I have about 4 hens that use the nest boxes
for “pooping”.

Do you have any advice for “helping” them stop this habit?

ps. love your website


A. I experienced one of your problems too — chickens roosting in the nesting boxes which would end up being filled with poop.

The only way I could solve this was to put a roost higher than the nesting boxes, or drop the nesting boxes down to the floor. Chickens want to perch on the highest available thing in the house.

As for getting your chickens to actually lay in the nesting boxes … well, I don’t have much experience with dealing with that problem. Except for an occasional few times, they laid regularly in the boxes.

Some people claim putting in fake eggs will help. Try this messageboard: There’s a lot of helpful people on there.

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