Chicken euthanasia link

Q. My chicken is suffering, how can I put it to sleep peacefully.

A. There’s a reference here:

I’m still hoping she can pull out of this, but wanted to send it along to you just in case.

I’m still working on researching or obtaining something which would allow me to put a chicken to sleep humanely for situations like this. To have a vet do it just costs too much (sometimes it’s better to keep the money for the animals that are still living).

But it hurts to see an animal just barely hanging on. So, I’m looking into what’s available to me. The link I sent to you (above) has another link to something that mentions compressed gas from paintball guns.

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  1. Abby says:

    I have an 8 year old hen that suffered from apoplexy and now has paralysis of her right side so I have a question as above “how can I put it to sleep peacefully”

    I am reluctant to take her to take to a vet after reading the following

    There are no avian vets in the area

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