Book recommendation for animals in the city

Q. What book do you recommend for raising animals in the city?

A. The Barnyard in Your Backyard book is a really good one when it comes to facts. But there was something about it that frustrated me. I’m not sure if I can remember what it was. I should get it from the library again. I think it was because it didn’t offer enough information to me on integrating ALL animals. I believe they divided animals in sections and didn’t address the effects of ducks living with chickens, etc. I mean, if you have animals in your backyard, you won’t have the space to make all these little separate pens and barns. Even on farms, a central barn housed almost all the animals. Also, there wasn’t enough on veterinary help. With livestock and poultry in the city, you might as well forget about finding a vet and start studying to be an unofficial one yourself. There were other frustrations … but I’m not sure if I remember them correctly to be because of that book.

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