Urban pioneer girl apron

The “catch-up” journal postings are about 1/2 way through … still with me? Yeah?
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Second Life

Done! The once salvaged bedsheet is now an official urban homestead apron. I’m not much of a pastel person (I much rather earth tones) but this apron seems to be growing on me. Especially looks quite striking against baby blue clothing (you may even see the debut of this apron on Current TV !) best of all didn’t cost me one cent…

There’s another really pretty salvaged bedsheet that’s due to become an apron (stay tuned for pics).   There are more scraps of material where that came from and that means we’ve got to put the pedal to the treadle…

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  1. Mia says:

    What a great apron! I’ve really got to get out my sewing maching………

  2. Donna says:

    I love this pattern. Where can I find it?
    Such a great idea!