1/2 TIME

Well folks, we smack dab in the middle of the posting blitz.  So far posted three entries that covered about our trusty trowel, the weather, more garden photos for your enjoyment and our self installed solar project.

And there’s more to come.  But first I have to do the animal chores in the pouring rain (yeah that’s gonna be fun) and let you catch up on the last three entries over your morning cuppa.


Ok I’m back.  Just as we were getting ready to go out and do chores, the rain let up!  Nice timing.

Can’t really work outdoors, so with the rainy weather it’s perfect for a multiple posting day.  I got my knitting here in front of me to snitch a few stitches between postings….

Are you ready for more?  Alrighty then, here we go.


  1. Sinfonian says:

    Hehe, boy, if we didn’t garden in the rain, we wouldn’t get any gardening done! Now you know how we feel, though 2 inches in a day is fairly decent. Sure hope it adds to your desperately needed snow pack! I’d hate to have to sell you all of our water… hehe

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