City codes banning chickens

Q. I’d like to raise chickens; however I’ve found out they are against the law in my city and the officials are giving me trouble. Can you help?

A. Sorry to hear of the difficult time the city is giving you regarding your desire to raise chickens. Sometimes, all they can see is the laws on the books and nothing beyond or in addition to that.

Surprisingly, our city of Pasadena allows not only chickens, but goats too despite the fact it considers itself a “world-class” city boasting the residences of movie stars, famous people, tourism, the Rose Bowl and the Rose Parade.

They do have some restrictions, but will allow a limited number of those animals if classified as pets.

Have you spoken to your neighbors? Some people have had success in changing the law when they submitted letters of approval from their neighbors to the city council. But that depends on if your neighbors are in support of you. Most city laws are made to prevent neighbors from getting angry.

You could go ahead and raise chickens and not even bother fighting the city. Sometimes they just do a “blanket law” and never really follow up on it. Take a look around, I’m sure there are a lot of things in your neighborhood that is “not up to code” … peeling paint for example, etc.

Of course, if you do this, you have to prepare yourself for the possibility of trouble. If you’re lucky, you’ll be ignored, if not, then you may have to fight the city. If you do, go to media first. Newspaper coverage helps your case greatly.

Good luck to you! I hope you’ll be able to enjoy
these wonderful, affectionate creatures soon!

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  1. Marcel says:

    the City Chicken has compiled a great list of cities regarding livestock laws.

    My city, Tacoma WA, allows – yea!

    Just have to convince husband and build ’em a place to be

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