Cost and sources for buying goats

Q. We are interested in getting goats, are they easy to find and how much do they cost?

A. There actually is a pretty good market for goats. I’m not sure where you live and whether that is true for your area, but for instance, it took me 6 months to find a female goat to buy. Every time I was interested in one, it sold. And some people have waiting lists.

Female goats are in demand. The males — not so much so. Usually males are castrated and sold as wethers. These are usually used for pets or for show (if from pedigreed stock).

You can get “pet quality” goats for cheap and sell them or give them away. Or you can pay a little more and get ones with papers that will fetch higher prices and be in more demand. A registered pygmy goat can go from $200 to $375 for a female. Wethers are more like $75 to $100. Or, some people will offer them free to someone who buys a female goat from them so the female will have a companion. Goats need to be kept at least in pairs and more is always better.

Female pygmies will go into heat every month so they can be bred all year round. So, you can breed a female, milk her for 10 months, let her rest for two, then breed her again. Pygmies generally have about 2 babies each time so you’ll just need to find homes for two or so goats every year.

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