Chickens and dogs

Q. Hi. My family and I are thinking about getting some chickens. We also have 4 dogs and would like to know if chickens are good with dogs? Please let me know if you have any information on this.


A. Chickens can get along with dogs, especially if you raise them from babies. But I tell people, it’s not a matter of how chickens get along with dogs — it’s how your dogs will get along with chickens.

It’s a matter of whether your dogs are well-behaved and can be trained to know that the chickens are not playthings to chase, catch and toss about. Dogs are the #1 killers of chickens.

So, you need to know whether you can handle your dogs correctly or provide a good and sturdy fence to protect your chickens. That said, chickens get along fine with lots of animals — they are friends with my cat, goats, rabbits, etc…

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