Chickens and wild birds

Q. I stumbled upon your wonderful site when searching about urban chickens. My husband & I (and 2 yr old) are considering building a coop/run and purchasing chicks so that we can raise a few hens in our backyard in Eugene, Oregon. But I’m wondering if bringing chickens into our yard will harm and/or scare away the breadth of wild birds that eat and live near & in our yard (wrens, chickadees, bluejays, robins, even some small raptors, etc). Do you know if this is a concern or if chickens can cohabitate well with existing avian wildlife?

thank you much,


A. Actually, I find chickens attract more birds to our backyard than before. All the house sparrows actually hang out in the chicken coop more than anywhere else in the yard. Sometimes, an injured or baby bird will actually take refuge in the coop. I believe they believe it’s a safe place because somehow, they recognize chickens as birds. Chickens have no problem at all with wild birds and they mostly ignore them. And besides, the wild birds love the chicken food.

So, my answer to you would be that from my observation, chickens actually attract birds. Animal life usually attracts animal life.

As for raptors … well, having chickens around will attract bird of prey…

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