Transporting chicks in a car

Q. Do you think my chickens will travel in a car for less then 2 hours and be fine and happy?thanks so much,

A. Well, I think it’s a great idea to send the chicks along with the kids to Grandma’s. As for the travel, the chicks might not be “happy”, but they will survive and be fine. They’d probably peep at all the motion, but they’ll be okay. The thing to keep in mind is to make sure they are comfortably warm / not too hot and to have someone watch them for signs of distress.

Also, I would recommend getting them used to being without the brooder light by that time for short intervals. Chicks panic when the light goes out – they feel like “mama” has gone away. Either you can hang the brooder light in the car and plug it through an cigarette adapter or just let them get used to not having a light above them. You’ll see what I mean when you have the chicks. They get so used to a brooder light that when it goes dark, they get scared. As they get older, you can slowly wean them off this. I usually put them (the brooder box) outside on warm days so they get used to natural light.

And then as they get to the point where they don’t need warmth, then you have to wean them off the light at night.

So, they will be just fine on a car trip. They may peep a lot, but they’ll live. 🙂

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