Araucana vs. Easter Egg chicken breeds

Q. Noticed you don’t have any Aracaunas. Why is that?

A. The reason why I didn’t list any Aracaunas is because it’s very confusing to some people.

I can get you the “Easter Egg” chicken which lays bluish / greenish eggs which range from turquoise to deep olive. This is the one Martha Stewart made “famous” and is the one that is often referred to as the “Araucana breed”, or sometimes, a little more accurately, the “Ameraucana.”

Sorry if I’m going to be a little bit know-it-all in this response – blame it all on being a complete chicken-addict and being far too involved in learning everything about them. I need a life!

Currently, there are only a handful of breeders in this country that sell “pure” Araucanas. The true Araucanas are rumpless (tail-less) and have ear tuffs. These true, purebred birds from South America are very hard to find, extremely coveted and can cost a bit more.

Most of the so-called Araucanas in the U.S. are mixes that carry the original genes. These birds are sometimes (and more honestly) sold as Easter Egg chickens. They are usually white and cream in color have ear muffs and beard. They will lay blue, green, brown, and sometimes pink tinted eggs. They have tails and look like very, very cute regular chickens with adorable feathers about its face.

Everyone calls them Araucanas. When I ask people I meet what kind of chickens they have, they are like — “oh, Araucanas” and yet they are the Easter Egg mixed breed. But if Martha Stewart calls them Araucana /Ameraucana, then everyone believes it! If you see tinted eggs in specialty markets or farmer’s markets, they are usually from this Easter Egger breed.

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