100FOOTDIET.ORG (Project #3 in the works!)

This week I’ll do my best to keep up with all the happenings here on the urban homestead especially since our journal readership has increased!

Sakes alive, there’s so much going on!

This morning, we have someone coming by who’s filming about local foods. I have emails that need to be attended to, a possible meeting to get ready for with **** ******** (keeping it vague so we don’t get everyone’s hopes up too much if nothing works out) this week on expanding PTF to reach folks in the local community, work on the new PTF site and journal is still ongoing.

Waiting in my journal drafts are: “Homegrown” meals for this last week and another Q&A session with ‘Confessions of an Urban Homesteader’ which I hope to post later on today.

Over 50 have signed on to take the ‘100 Foot Diet Challenge’ We are thrilled at the positive response and the buzz this challenge is receiving throughout the internet where bloggers and green sites are picking up on the challenge. Thanks for the spreading the word everyone. This challenge has been such a success that it needs a website all it’s own. Yep, you read right.

Stay tuned, we are working to launch 100footdiet.org very soon making it easier for people to sign up and share their “Reconstructing Dinner’ efforts. If you don’t check this site often, I will email all participants when the site is launched so we can transfer all necessary information like name, blog and location.

Since this challenge has grown way beyond what one person can handle, would anyone like to help co-moderate 100footdiet.org? If so, we can use some help since the challenge is growing by leaps and bounds — and it’s only January! Email me at anais(at)pathtofreedom(dot)com