Spring is almost here can’t you just feel it? The excitement and anticipation of this yeas growing season is growing among all the victory garden participants. The growing season is certainly growing into high gear – seeds are arriving by mail, being planted in containers of all shapes and sizes indoors, outdoor, in greenhouses.

Kick off this year’s growing season by joining the Victory Garden 100 ft Diet Challenge. Where we are encouraging everyone to grow more of what they eat and eat more of what they grow. Let’s grow and eat for victory!

This week we have posts from:

This week A Posse Ad Esse pulls up something from his garden than “dead plants” and shows off his nifty cardboard chicken condo (pretty cool!)

Agrarian Journey is starting off seedlings indoors while it’s still white outside, this week a tasty homeraised egg sandwich and homemade bread are “what’s for dinner.”

Simple Belinda once again posts another gorgeous homegrown meal — Marinated Zucchini and Salad Open Faced Sandwiches. Enough to make us here in the Northern Hemisphere anxious for summer and drooling.

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