“If you have a back yard, you can do your part and help the world and yourself by raising some of the food you eat. The more you raise the less you will have to buy,” – Bolton Hall, Three Acres And Liberty– 1918

Welcome to all new participants that signed up this week. With everyone planting Victory Gardens spring is gearing up to be filled with a bountiful assortment of homegrown eats.

Eat what you can.. and Can what you can’t, that’s the old mantra from the Victory Garden era of our parents and grandparents. P has been digging, not in the ground per say but into his homestead’s cold storage and enjoying last summer’s harvest. Sprouts are also “what’s for dinner.” Sprouts are incredibly notorious and for those who’s planting season is yet to start, a great way to start off this homegrown challenge. P also muses what this challenge is meaning for his family stating ” That’s really what the 100 ft diet comes down to for me, trying to make the biggest impact in my diet and my families self reliance that I can.”

Vegan Ruthie blames the cold winter for her lack of postings but makes up for the delay with a delicious sprouted breakfast . She also links to some great sprouting resources. So if you have a case of winter blues – start a sprout garden.

Simple Belinda met all the 100 ft diet challenge criteria for her latest meal. Congratulations – job (meal) well done! Combing homegrown, organic and local she proved that it’s possible to eat local and eat well. We look forward to tasty meal recipes from Belinda.

Craig comments:

Hey there everybody!!
I haven’t posted anything since I accepted the 100 ft. challenge, however I wanted to let you know that I’ve been doing very well with it so far. I’m actually surprised how much dried, frozen, and canned produce I had from last years garden!!
I’m going to have to start considering getting my own blog to keep eveyone informed on my own path!!
Still think the world of everything you do…thanks so much!!

Once again, great job everyone. Let’s continue to sow the seeds of change. Radical change is taking root as people grow for victory!

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  1. Devin Quince says:

    totally off-topic, but my Wife and I are starting our first year of a trying to feed ourselves with our garden and are wondering what your thoughts are on canning versus freezing when preserving food for the Winter. We live in MN, so we do not have the nice S. California weather.
    The Quinces

  2. Anais says:

    Hello Devin

    Good question. I prefer canning over freezing simply because it doesn’t use up energy in long term storage.

    Here on the urban homestead we can what we can and freeze the rest. Other low tech preservation method is drying.

    Any preservation method that are needed to extend the harvest is essential in making the harvest go farther.

    Happy planting and preserving!

  3. Truffula Tuft says:

    Hi Anais,
    Thanks for all the posts. Just letting you know that Vegan Ruthie link didn’t work, but here’s the address: http://veganruthie.blogspot.com/

    Jennifer in Asheville where the daffodills are blooming and the Forsythia is starting to pop

  4. Barb says:

    This is such a wonderful idea! I try to eat as much from my garden as possible anyhow (easier than fighting traffic going to the store, tastes better, etc) but this will make me more conscious of the choices I make for each meal. It’s great to see what other people are doing with their gardens too. Thanks so much!

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