100footdiet.org website is still under development, but we hope to have it up and running very soon.   If we can pull this site off, we are thinking — well, we’ll keep that project under wraps for now.   As a matter of fact there are just too many projects already on the table which need to be finished.   The new PTF urban homesteading site needs to be finally finished and we are hoping that should be completed by spring. 

Another week and another bunch of great homegrown and local meals to share with you

Becca enjoying the unseasonably warm So Cal weather gets in summer mood and whips up some tasty tostados.

P~ is taking up sprouting nutritious seeds and looking at getting support for backyard chickens.  He comments: “Here in Northern Utah we aren’t growing a whole lot out in the garden, but I’ve been regularly sprouting in the house and this week went to my city counsel meeting with another neighbor of mine and voiced our support for a change in the city ordinance that would allow us to keep up to 5 urban chickens on our property. The support seems to be there, and I hope to be able to begin my clutch of hens very soon and be eating 100ft diet eggs by summertime. Love reading all of your posts.”

Belinda joining us from “the land down under” is enjoying bountiful vegs from her summer garden and whips up a tasty homegrown meal and recipe.

Vintage Flapper  sixth meal of the challenge, whips up a delicious apple dish from one of her fave vintage cookbooks and enjoys a bottle of local wine.

:: Field Hand Appreciation ::   S&ZG $50.00 donation.  Thank you for your generous support, we miss you and hugs to all.

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