Work on the 100FootDiet.org blog is back on track. Thanks to PTF reader, B, offering her expertise and services, the 100 ft blog platform is going to be awesome and another step in PTF’s burgeoning outreach. I’ve seen the 100ft site design and it’s very nice, if I may say so myself.

In the meantime, enjoy these lovely ladies’ recent meals:

Wildside shares homegrown goodies from her garden and chooks

Pouring rain didn’t saturate Becca’s recent harvest from her garden

Humble Labor is on week three of the challenge with a tasty assortment of homemade and homegrown goodness.

While new participant Vegan Ruthie is dreaming of warm earth to plant her garden, she incorporated homegrown (and very healthy) sprouts to her meals.

A word of encouragement for Vegan Ruthie — a wise person said that doing something, however, “pathetic” it may seem is better than doing nothing at all. Well, of course, they said it much more eloquently than that. Steps taken are movement, movement is better than standstill, inactivity. It’s great to read about folks making a conscious effort to grow and use more of homegrown. Looking forward to more posts, keep them coming!

Oh, and if you’d like to sign up for this growing challenge, sign up here’100 Foot Diet’ in the comment box. Once we have the 100ft site up and running, all participants will be notified of the new homegrown community.

Thanks to your support, PTF is growing.

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  1. Meg says:

    OK, maybe you guys didn’t get my comment on Sunday, but I posted a 100 Foot Diet meal too! It’s here. Don’t forget the poor, cold Michigander. I would post my comments on the appropriate 100 Foot Diet challenge page like you guys asked, but you took down the comment box on that entry, so I have to comment wherever I can.

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