100 FOOT DIET – Growing Closer to Home

“One dish” delicious homegrown meal

Summer 2007 Edition Continues with more tasty down home,
homegrown meals.

Always neat when one hears from readers as we never tire of the personal connection through an such impersonal medium.   The reader comments about the urban homestead diet and writes “thank you for posting your menu I’m finding lots of great ideas and cutting back on our meat consumption is becoming easier with your yummy menu ideas.” – KR

Thanks KR for the comment and email, after being a vegetarian for nearly 16 years now one never tires of wholesome, homegrown meals.


B – buckwheat pancakes served with fresh sliced peaches

D – homemade w.w tortillas, served with homemade spanish rice made with homegrown tomatoes, peppers, green onions and sautéed homegrown green peppers.


B – homemade granola

L – leftovers from Saturday dinner

D – homegrown tomato, avocado, raw cheese sandwich with tortilla chips topped with homemade salsa (homegrown tomatoes, peppers, onions, cilantro, lemon)


B – homemade granola

L – mac & cheese with raw homegrown chopped tomatoes, peppers

D – sun cooked (in solar oven) long grain organic rice with homegrown squash, green beans, green onions, peppers and tomatoes with homemade herb sauce (homegrown chives, lemon thyme lemon and butter) served with sliced homemade bread


B – homemade granola

L – fig quesadillas (homemade w.w. flour tortillas) with homegrown figs, peppers, tomatoes, green onions and cilantro with raw cheese

D – sun cooked (in solar oven) long grain organic rice with steamed homegrown green beans served with homemade herb sauce (homegrown chives, lemon thyme lemon and butter


B – homemade granola

L – fig quesadillas (homemade w.w. flour tortillas) with homegrown figs, peppers, tomatoes, green onions and cilantro with raw cheese served with steamed homegrown green beans with with homemade herb sauce (homegrown chives, lemon thyme lemon and butter)

D – corn tostados topped with homegrown avocados, peppers, tomatoes, green onions and sun cooked (in solar oven) organic black beans served with homemade salsa made with homegrown tomatoes, green onions, peppers, cilantro


B – homemade granola

L – homegrown lima beans, green beans, tomatoes, peppers with sun cooked organic rice

D – sun cooked (in solar oven) pizza topped with homegrown tomatoes, peppers, figs, basil, and green onions


B – homemade granola

L – mac & cheese served with raw, chopped homegrown vegetables – tomatoes, peppers, green onions, avocado

D – w.w. spaghetti topped with homemade sauce made with homegrown tomatoes, peppers, basil, oregano, green onions served with homegrown baby corn, tomato and cucumber salad

:: Snacks:: homegrown peaches, sun baked (in solar oven) homemade chocolate chip cookies ( a special treat!)

What’s Growing?

Lately, the urban homestead’s assortment of containers have been full as summer’s blessings continue to pour in….

Strawberries, baby corn, green onions, avocados, cucumbers, squash, green beans, lima beans, peppers, eggplant, basil and all sorts of herbs.

The towering 10 ft tomato forest that grew in the middle of the backyard garden finally came down, these were the first tomatoes of the season (started from seed back in February) and now have made room for other crops.    We still have raised beds and spots in the front yard still with succession planted tomatoes and, God willing, we’ll have tomatoes for a few more months.

Unfortunately, the deep freeze in January affected the guavas, bananas and oranges. Doesn’t look like we’ll have much in fruit off these trees. 

What’s Being Planted

Besides the continued succession of summer crops time to start preparations for the fall garden. To get an early jump start we’ve sown snow peas, greens, broccoli, and lettuces. And in a few weeks, cool weather tomatoes.


Well, with everyone, including, our clients on vacation we have surplus veggies. Of course that means, we didn’t make much green last week,  but it does mean we’ll be saving green come fall and winter!   So we’ve been busy in the urban homestead’s kitchen laboring to store up and save the summer’s bountiful blessings. In the victory kitchen we’re canning peach jam, tomato sauce, eggplant patties (to freeze).

A Cooling Trend

Finally, after 6 six day incredibly hot and obscenely muggy temps, the infernal heat has finally let up. We’re down 10 degrees… yippee!

:: Field Hand Appreciation ::

MP $100 / GM $20 / MB $16.00 Thank you so very much. Your support is greatly, greatly appreciated.

Every little bit helps PTFgrow the future. Over the holiday besides urban homestead chores and routine we’ve been busy at work on the new PTF site.   We’ve been working on a few new features.  The new improved site is going to have     and      and     and even     .   Don’t want to spoil the surprises that we have in store for YOU!

We are trying to do most of the work ourselves, so progress is slow; however we are still shooting for re-launch sometime in early Fall.

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  1. Teressa says:

    I am SO happy to read your menu, I haven’t a clue sometimes as to what to eat…in a healthier way. Thank you so much for the ideas for my home.

  2. Kathi says:

    What type of cool weather tomatoes do you plant. My summer ones look about done – unfortunately.


  3. Helen says:

    Would you please share your recipe for homemade granola? Thanks – Helen in Needles, CA

  4. Wendy Brown says:

    Have you ever posted your granola recipe? I’ve been reading your blog for about a year, and I don’t recall seeing one, though I may have missed it ;). Anyway, we’ve been changing our eating habits over this past year, moving toward a more local diet and eliminating all processed foods. The biggest change has been in making most of our own foods, like bread, cheese and yogurt. I’m looking for a good homemade granola recipe, because my children like granola and I like the idea of homemade :). Thanks in advance!