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Summer’s bounty
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Hello! I am a huge fan of your site and project. I think it’s a really wonderful and inspiring thing you are all doing. I was wondering if you have a list of all the plants that you grow for food. I think it would be great if you kept track of all your meals and snacks for a week and posted it on the site somewhere. I just can’t imagine coming up with enough meals based on the plants that I see you growing. I’m sure there are many more than I have any idea of so I was hoping you’d share.Thanks so much, and keep it up!KR

Thank you KR, for your email positive comments and question. Documenting what we grow and eat to share with our readers has always been in the back of our minds, something that we should really do more of especially since the recent Locavore and 100 mile diet craze.   It’s always interesting to us when we come across a new green or eco craze and think to ones self  “sheesh, I’ve/we’ve been doing that for years/all my life”
Now is the time of year when our diets primarily consists of what grows in our backyard.
Here’s a menu of what we ate this week (note “HG” stands for “homegrown”:


B – homemade w.w. pancakes (made with HG duck eggs) served with home-canned fruit or homegrown fresh fruit

D – homemade spanish rice and flour tortillas topped with HG peppers, tomatoes, cilantro


B – homemade granola topped with HG ripe fruit

L – leftovers from Sat dinner

D – HG grape leaves (prepared in brine solution a few weeks earlier) stuffed with rice that contains HG peppers & tomatoes served with HG green bean salad


B – same / topped with any HG ripe fruit

L – creamed HG swiss chard served on top of rice with homemade bread

D – leftovers


B – same / topped with any HG ripe fruit

L – vegetable soup made with HG winter squash & fresh summer veggies from the garden

D – leftovers served on top rice


B – same / topped with any HG ripe fruit

L – veg soup leftovers

D – greek salad included HG cucumbers, onion greens, tomatoes, sweet basil served with steamed HG green beans with rice


B – same / topped with any HG ripe fruit

L – HG potatoes, kale, broccoli served with lemon butter (made with lemons from next door neighbors tree and HG chives) served over rice

D – leftover potato/veg dish with HG salad (greens, peppers, tomatoes)


B – same / topped with any HG ripe fruit

L – HG vegetables (peppers & broccoli) with raw cheese sauce served on top of pasta with steamed HG beans

D – w.w. spaghetti served with homemade & HG tomato/basil sauce with HG garden salad served with homemade bread

Snacks – we try to avoid snacking but if we do, there’s nuts or dried cranberry and raisins in the pantry or a slice of raw cheese to satisfy the nibbles.

Desserts – piece of chocolate or homemade or HG goodies and on special Friday/Saturday dinner night soy ice cream.

Staples that we can’t grow (rice, flour, etc) are purchased in bulk through a local food cooperative. If we can we try choosing brands that either come from California or nearby Western states. Can’t always succeed, but it’s the act of conscious awareness and trying that counts.

This summer I’ll try to post more weekly menus as we enjoy the earth’s bounty.

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  1. RM says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! You know….I love your sight too and have been wondering about your meal planning…..

  2. Kristie Roberts says:

    Just reading this made my mouth water! Thanks so much for sharing, I’m definatly going to keep watching for more of your menus. 🙂