Plants in driveway strip

Q. What “low growing herbs” did you put in that lovely driveway strip? I know you park the biodiesel Suburban there at times – don’t you worry about drips from the car getting on your herbs? Perhaps biodiesel is less toxic than conventional (but I thought Justin said it was caustic) and probably the Suburban has lubrication and fluids which include dino-oil. Also, is the herb strip just down the center, or does it have any places it cuts across the drive to capture that rainwater runoff? I’d love to do a strip like that in my drive (we had a concrete-happy prior owner too!).

A. We planted lowing growing mints and oregano also a heat tolerant clover. Biodiesel is as ‘toxic’ as table salt or sugar and the Suburban does not leak any oil; however, where the car is parked we put mulch (recycled wood shakes from our roof project) since it is too shady to grow anything underneath a car. The two “tire strips” are sloped into the middle “greenway strip” so that rainfall is retained.

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