Wind Egg


Our family has been keeping chickens in the city since 2002 and we are always on the lookout for the welfare of our hens.  The first time I saw one of these “Wind” eggs , I worried that something might be off with our hens’ health.  These tiny eggs don’t have anything to do their feed or supplements but, instead,  are a hormonal issue.(Note: in Middle Ages, these eggs were know as “Witch or Cock Eggs” and later in the Victorian Era, “Fairy Egg”)

A wind egg is the colloquial name for a fully formed egg that does not have a yolk in it. These are generally much smaller than normal eggs and are a blip in egg production, either at the beginning or end of lay when the hormone level has not stabilized and are nothing to worry about


Seems these yolk-less eggs also have a fascinating folklore associated with them.  In folk tradition, a “Cock egg”  was believed to have malevolent and magical powers. Since they contain no yolk and, therefore, cannot hatch, these eggs were traditionally believed to be laid by roosters. This gave rise to the myth that when a cock’s egg was hatched, it would produce a cockatrice, a fearsome serpent which could kill with its evil stare. According to the superstition, this could be prevented by throwing the egg over the family dwelling so it smashed at the other side without touching the roof.

Think all this is cockamamie?  Even more intriguing to note is that in 1474, a chicken passing for a rooster who laid an egg was prosecuted and sentenced to die.

Poor Roo!


  1. Sophie Brown says:

    Types of eggs :

    Standard White Eggs
    Standard Brown Eggs
    Furnished / Enriched / Nest-Laid Eggs
    Free-Run Eggs
    Free-Range Eggs
    Organic Eggs
    Omega-3 Eggs
    Vitamin-Enhanced Eggs
    Vegetarian Eggs and Processed Eggs

  2. Alan says:

    interesting article, just one cuestion

    have you ever made meringue with them?
    it should be super easy 😉

  3. Karen Coghlan says:

    I found your site several years back and loved what you were doing… I blog at Blue Yonder Urban Farms but have not come close to all that you are able to accomplish… Thank you for the inspiration… PS we are not allowed to have chickens… Boo I long for them… lol

  4. Glenda says:

    I have never heard about these “wind eggs” .Its new to me but finds more informative.thanks Anais.

  5. Steve says:

    I have never heard this term before, although I get them quite often.

    Is it pronounced like “the wind is from the north” or “I need to wind my watch”?

  6. leslie says:

    One of my Isbar hens just laid the cutest tiny teeny mint green fairy egg .. She just came off a molt and is back to laying.

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